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Our introductory blog on this topic focused on the premises of graduate criminal justice fellow Brice Hamack’s recent article in the Wyoming Law Review. It is important to clarify that while Mr. Hamack’s general concerns are well founded, Wyoming’s juvenile justice system has uniquely entrenched problems unique from and, in many ways, worse than those in the rest of the country.

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Yesterday I explained the economic conditions for privatizing K-12 education in Wyoming.  Today, attention is on health care, a topic that has been discussed at length in many different directions over the years. Every politician wants to have a say on health care, and - frankly - too many pundits have weighed in over the years without making a contribution of substance to the issue.

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Last week I presented three criteria by which to determine whether or not government spending programs can be realistically privatized. These criteria came in the form of three questions that concentrate entirely on the economic aspects of privatization; whatever legal hurdles may lie in the way of successful privatization I will gladly leave to the legal experts to sort out. 

The three questions are:

1. Is there liquidity in the market? 

2. Is there volume in the market? 

3. Do scale economies dominate the cost structure? 

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The legislature' s Republican caucus met today in Casper. We'll have more details, or you can check the LSO's web site after they get all the details posted.


Speaker: Kermit Brown

Majority Floor Leader: Rosie Berger

Speaker Pro Tem: Tim Stubson

Whip: Hans Hunt


Here are the committee assignments:

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It was a contract and [US Fish and Wildlife] broke it, in a thousand different ways.… It was crooked from the start. – Bill Hoppe, Montana guide and outfitter.

Crying Wolf is a film about the re-introduction of wolves into the Yellowstone area. Filmmaker Jeffrey D King grew up in the Big Hole Valley, in southwestern Montana, close to Yellowstone. He saw wolves from time to time growing up, and his neighbors deal with wolves routinely. This is not a film about warm fuzzy wolves.

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