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Posted by on in Healthcare Issues

There is a lot of misinformation and, possibly, disinformation out there on Ebola. There is also a bit of panic. As a former firearms instructor, I can tell you that panic is exactly the wrong response to a problem, whether it is ten feet away or ten thousand miles away.

Posted by on in Wyoming Issues
Wyoming Has Best Taxes - What Does That Mean?

The Tax Foundation, one of America’s most influential think tanks, has released their State Business Tax Climate study for 2015. For good reasons, this annual publication attracts a lot of attention from state legislators, policy analysts and media. With its thoroughness and attention to quality and detail, the Tax Foundation sets a high methodological standard for applied policy research.

Posted by on in Wyoming Issues

One of the more memorable experiences from my first visit to New York City more than 20 years ago was crossing Park Avenue with a friend who lived in town. Having been to every major city in Europe I knew better than to try to cross the street in front of cars turning from the side street. So as we stood there on the corner of 59th and Park I cautiously looked over my left shoulder. Sure enough, some young up-and-coming, very busy New Yorker threw his Japanese luxury car around the corner like his life depended on it.

Posted by on in Political Issues and Resolutions

While little can be said in support of the U.S. strategy in Vietnam from 1950 – 1975, during the Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, and Ford administrations, it is clear that there was no similar war to look back on for historical context. From Truman’s decision to send military advisors through the fall of Saigon, the U.S. military found itself constantly hampered by parameters defined by a political unwillingness to either engage in a declared war or to simply abstain from involvement.

Posted by on in Wyoming Issues
The Hopeless War on Poverty

One of the core arguments for government expansion is that there is no other way to reliably help the poor to a better life. This false notion has very deep roots, all the way back to the days when the first elements of the welfare state emerged on European soil. Back then, radical liberals convinced social conservatives that collectivized compassion was the way to go.

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