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Today Tuesday the House will hold its second reading of HB75, the Compact for a Balanced Budget bill that proposes a debt-limitation balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Yesterday's first reading included a vigorous debate, demonstrating that this is an issue the members of the House take very seriously. The vote, 35-23, also shows that while the idea of a balanced budget amendment is accepted in principle, there is still some hesitation as to whether or not the Compact is the right way to go.

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And now it is official - Senate File 0122 now formally proposes the formation of a Skyfall 2020 commission:

An act relating to the administration of government; creating the Vision 2020 comprehensive expenditure and revenue review; providing for oversight of the review by the management council of the Wyoming legislature; creating the Vision 2020 comprehensive expenditure and revenue review advisory panel; creating areas of review; providing for the creation of task forces as specified; providing for appointment of members to the advisory panel and task forces; providing for assignment of duties as specified; providing for reports; providing an appropriation; and providing for an effective date.

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This morning the House Revenue Committee passed HB0075 and HJ004, both proposing a so called Article V venue to put a balanced-budget amendment on the U.S. constitution. The two bills share the same goal, and the organizations that provide the background material - Compact for America (HB75) and the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force (HJ4) - are for all intents and purposes fellow travellers. There is one major difference, though, between the two alternatives: the Compact model comes with a ready-to-go amendment; the Task Force, on the other hand, would leave it to the Article V Convention to draft the amendment.

I recently wrote a blog entitled Keeping Kids Out of Jail which led into an entire series including the Troubling Trend of Elementary School Arrests and finally to the Wyoming School Safety Issues That Every Citizen Should Know series. This week we return to the consideration of what can be done preventatively to keep our children on-track and out of trouble.

Tagged in: Juvenile Justice
Posted by on in Wyoming Issues

More bills to keep an eye on, as the 2015 general session gets rolling.

HB 32 allows the medical use of hemp extract when obtained by law for treatment of intractable epilepsy. The good news is that the department of health "shall issue" the requisite permit, so it will exercise no discretion. It is a start, and a very good bill for the purpose.

SF 38 adds the use of controlled substances prescribed by a "licensed practitioner" to the list of first offenses which would be eligible for probation and possible dismissal of the charge. A very good start!

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