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Posted by on in Wyoming Issues

The latest employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that Wyoming is part of the national recovery. It was not until this past summer that there were clear and indisputable signs of a recovery in our state, but it looks like the national economic rebound has brought Wyoming onboard for the long haul.

Posted by on in Wyoming Issues

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released its preliminary employment numbers for October 2014. It is good news for all Americans except those in Alaska: compared to October 2013 only the Frontier State has lost jobs. All other states added jobs.

It is particularly encouraging to see that the private sector is outgrowing government. In 46 states and – notably – the District of Columbia private-sector employment grew faster than total employment, displaying a relative decline in government employment. (Alaska, again, experienced a decline.) In three states, Oregon, South Dakota and Iowa, government employment increased faster than private-sector employment.

Posted by on in Wyoming Issues

As this week’s Open Air question the Casper Star Tribune asks whether or not the state should spend a portion of its reserve funds.

This is a highly relevant question. We are near Governor Mead’s annual budget presentation; the legislative session opens in less than two months; and as I explained two weeks ago, Wyoming is heading for a structural budget deficit.

Posted by on in Wyoming Issues

Our introductory blog on this topic focused on the premises of graduate criminal justice fellow Brice Hamack’s recent article in the Wyoming Law Review. It is important to clarify that while Mr. Hamack’s general concerns are well founded, Wyoming’s juvenile justice system has uniquely entrenched problems unique from and, in many ways, worse than those in the rest of the country.

Tagged in: Juvenile Justice
Posted by on in Wyoming Issues

Yesterday I explained the economic conditions for privatizing K-12 education in Wyoming.  Today, attention is on health care, a topic that has been discussed at length in many different directions over the years. Every politician wants to have a say on health care, and - frankly - too many pundits have weighed in over the years without making a contribution of substance to the issue.

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